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Automatic Water Pump Controller

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Automatic Water Pump Controller


Automatic water pump controller will automatically START the pump as soon as the water level in Overhead tank falls below the predetermined level and shall SWITCH OFF the pump as soon as tank is full or water level in the Ground tank is at below minimum level.

Advantages & Features of the System:
-> Fully Automatic and Manual Operations
-> Easy Installation
-> Saves water and electricity bill
-> User friendly LED indications
-> Advance Micro-controller based System
-> Motor is switched ON/OFF automatically as
per level in the Overhead and Underground tanks.
-> In case of power failure, system save the previous state and resume from that state when power is back.
-> Manual ON auto OFF.
-> Avoids seepage of water from roofs & walls due to overflowing tanks.
-> Non-corrosive, non-conductive, low power
and electrically safe specially designed
sensors (Made of Plastic) are used to
sense levels in the tanks.
-> One Year Warranty (*In controller and Sensor).

Product Specifications :
Supply Voltage: 220V AC
Operating frequency-: 50Hz
Contact Rating- 1.5HP

1. We also design Automatic Water Pump Controller according to your requirement.
2. Free Installation is only for Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur, Free delivery in almost all Major cities of Nepal.



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