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Personal Portable Steam Sauna

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Personal Portable Steam Sauna


People have been practicing sauna or steam bath for several years to preserve their health and also as a part of their healthy lifestyle. This sweating therapy helps your body to sweat to a great degree, eliminating the toxins from the body through sweat.

With this HomeSpa you can have this in the comfort of your own home. With that being said, say hello to healthy life !


1. Stay slim and healthy by buring calories and sweat off your extra fat.
2. Protects from viruses & common cold रुघा, खोकी आदि ।
3. Relaxes tired and aching muscles,
4. Relieves joint and muscle pains,
5. Improves cardiovascular circulation,
6. Detoxifies skin to keep it hydrated, glowing and healthy,
7. Improves bodytone,
8. Rapid relief for arthritis and rheumatism,
9. Lessen your pressure and tension and give you a nice sleep, excellent treatment for relaxing your pore and tired muscles.

Suitable for:
- People in Sub-health,
- Women Postpartum recovery,
- Body shaping or Slimming,
- Aches of muscle, shoulders, necks, waist, knee joint and,
- People with insomnia,
- People with high mental pressure etc.

- Timer range 0-60mins.
- Easy to operate with regulators to set time and temperature.
- Fits in just 1 square meter area.
- Lightweight and flexible design for better portability and storage.
- 550 Watt Steam Generator.
- Durable thick waterproof tent fabric with thermal protection.

Package Included:
- Sauna tent, Steam generator, Hose, Instruction manual.

For orders or pickup; call us on 9861222636 / 015175252



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